Ei vain Behe, vaan myös...

Behe meni kehumaan kristillistä biologiakirjaa, jossa kerrotaan mm. että Jumala rankaisee ihmiskuntaa AIDS:illa. No kiva. Sitten erehdyin lukemaan lisää Pharyngulaa.

The Case for Angels-kirjan sisäkannella on tällainen kehu:

Peter Williams' The Case for Angels is about…the theological rift between a Christian intelligentsia that increasingly regards angels only as figurative or literary devices, and the great mass of Christians who thankfully still regard them as real (a fact confirmed by popular polls, as Williams notes in this book). This rift was brought home to me at a conference I helped organize at Baylor University some years back. The conference was entitled 'The Nature of Nature' and focused on whether nature is self-contained or points beyond itself. The activity of angels in the world would clearly constitute on way nature points beyond itself.

Kirjoittajan tietenkin itse William Dembski, joka jatkaa:

Why is it important to know about angels? Why is it important to know about rocks and plants and animals? It's important because all of these are aspects of reality that impinge on us. The problem with the secular intelligentsia is that they deny those aspects of reality that are inconvenient to their world-picture. And since the intelligentsia are by definition intelligent (though rarely wise), they are able to rationalize away what they find inconvenient. This is what Bishop Sheen was getting at with the previous quote when he referred to the intelligentsia rationalizing evil, and this what Williams is so successful at unmasking in the intelligentsia's rejection of angels.

There exists an invisible world that is more real and weighty than our secular imaginations can fathom. I commend this book as a way of retraining our imaginations about that reality.

Maallistuneet älyköt kieltävät enkelien (ja kaiken epämiellyttävän) olemassa olon, joten on aika muuttaa ajatusmaailmaamme. Enkelioppi tekee pian paluun keskiajalta, tai ainakin yleistyy NewAge-maailman sisältä akateemisen tutkinnan kohteeksi. Tai sitten ei.

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