TAU Crisis battlesuit Commander

This weekend, I painted a Crisis Commander. I chose a burst cannon [Str 5, AP 5, Assault 3] and cyclic ion blaster [Str 3, AP 4, Assault 5] as its two weapon systems. Multitracker as a support option, just to see my opponents face when I land next to his command squad fire akimbo with them. I converted the burst cannon to be a natural extension of the right hand. The pose is a classical "standing tall and slightly back from the recoil." I made a fireburst from tiny plastic shrapnels, glued together then onto one of the burst cannon's barrels, and painted it yellow/red. It looks awesome.

My TAU force consists mostly of Crisis suits (7 suits), with two Fire teams (one Devilfish troop carrier), one Stealth team and one Drone squadron for tactical bolter fodder. Heavy support comes from one Stickleback Gunship (five burst cannons, two of which are turret-mounted and twin-linked. 12 dice, three rerolls. Oh yes.)

Colours are simple. Black undercoat. Bright white panels and armour, with white on weapons, except for barrels and pipes. Gold on decorative symbols to indicate Commander's status.
I glued cut plastic rubble to the base. After finishing the paint on it, I plan to put some cotton and paint it to create a fire/smoke behind the Commander.

All other Crisis suits are black with grey/white camouflage on the largest armour panels. The contrast to my white Commander means that he should draw an unhealthy amount of fire from the enemy. Must slap a hard-wired drone controller on him and two shield drones.

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