Dembski lähettää lakimiehet metsästysretkelle

ID-blogi Uncommon Descentissä on ollut melko hiljaista viime viikkoina. William Dembski on kuitenkin valmis piristämään tunnelmaa. Hän huomasi, että RationalWiki käyttää kovin laajoja lainauksia Dembskin ja Robert Marksin kirjoittamasta The Search for a Search - Measuring the Information Cost of Higher Level Search-paperista, joka julkaistiin IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS,MAN, AND CYBERNETICS julkaisussa syyskuussa. Varmasti kaikille tuttu julkaisu?

RationalWiki is reprinting large portions of an article I did with Robert Marks that far exceeds anything permissible under “fair use” copyright protections. I was getting ready to contact my attorney about having them remove our article from their website (go here — I’ve saved this page in case it changes as a consequence of this post), but couldn’t find any contact information on the site.

Onneksi RationalWikin omistaja Trent Toulouse ilmestyy UD:n ketjuun. Käyntikortteja vaihdellaan, ja siinä samassa Toulouse ihmettelee paria asiaa:

Anyway, fair use is a complex issue, and more than a few cases have up held the full copying of a work, though other cases have found infringement with just a few sentences.

Issues to consider, we are a non-profit, educational resource. The copied portioned are copied for the purposes of criticism. Much like the use of “Imagine” in “Expelled.” Also IEEE is the primary copy right holder I believe. And the fact that this is an “academic” publication should all be weighed in your decision about how you want to pursue this.

I am curious why this is a battle you are so eager to fight?

Lakimiehien laukaisua odotellessa Dembski on varmasti kirjoittamassa vastinetta RationalWikissä kirjoitettuihin kommentteihin hänen ja Marksin paperista.

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