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It seems a bunch of you are saying the only way a person can have an acceptable standard of ethics is to get it out of a book written by men thousands of years ago.

Ignore the fact that there are many books which claim divine inspiration. Ignore the fact that there are more interpretations of the one true book of God than Carter has little liver pills.

Is that how God works now? We don’t have the ability to tell right from wrong until we read the proper book and make the proper ritual motions?

Spare me.

Maalilinja häämöttää horisontissa! Pinnistä, Dave! Kyllä, Uncommon Descent on pullollaan hardcore evankelista kreationistejä. Dave voi päästä sieltä pois. Minun täytyy seurata tätä jännitysnäytelmää koko ilta.

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