ID:n voittomarssi jatkuu

Jopa Uncommon Descentissä uskalletaan toistaa vanhaa uutista: Vatikaanin mielestä ID ei ole tiedettä.

Toisaalla todetaan, että The Design of Life kirjan menestys ei näytä loppuvan. Kyseessä on IDeistien näyttävä ja kokonaisvaltainen kirja älykkäästä suunnittelusta. Foundation on Thought and Ethics-järjestössä painotetaan, että Design of Life on hitti.

Ten months after its release, DoL is selling in the top 15% of books in its scientific category on Amazon.com! Last winter we told you that DoL would be the featured selection in an upcoming Conservative Book Club offer. The Club's bulletin arrived in our mail about a week ago, and already, they have placed a second order for more books!

Mutta kun jaksaa selata uutiskirjeen loppuun, niin löytää tällaista:

The most important marketing effort underway is a program for contacting university faculty to get DoL into undergraduate and graduate classrooms and seminars. But friends, before we can really push ahead, we need your help now as much as we have ever needed it. We have plans for more than a dozen marketing programs. But over half of them, though camera-ready, are on hold because we are simply out of funds. Efforts made to date have drained FTE's resources, to the extent that even our daily on-a-shoestring operations are at risk.

We are determined to pay our bills on time and to do right by our creditors. While there was no fat in our budget, in June, we started cutting back. We terminated the blog on the DoL web site, eliminating two retainer fees, and last week we all but eliminated an 11-year staff member. We are cutting our costs wherever possible and managing on far less than budgeted. We recognize you yourself may be affected by the economic downturn, and that you will hear from other ministries that are. This low tide will affect all boats in the harbor. But as you can see, our situation well predates the current challenges.

Design of Life myy niin hyvin, että yksi Denyse O'Learyn useista blogeista on siis jouduttu sulkemaan, ja koko homman pyörittäminen käy bensahöyryillä. Rahat ovat vähissä.

Tuon jälkeen ilmoitetaan uudelleen, että Foundation for Thought and Ethics tarvitsee lisää rahaa.

We covet your prayers that God would provide for our financial needs, but we also ask that when you pray, you ask Him too what he would have you do to help us financially. A self-addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience.

Toivon lisää onnea ja menestystä Design of Life kirjalle!

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