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Tutun kaavaan mukaan IDeistit eivät tykkää siitä miten heitä kuvaillaan mediassa. Äskettein tuli ilmoille Judgement Day-ohjelma (pian nähtävissä netissä), jossa esiteltiin mitä kaikkea tapahtui kuuluisassa Doverin oikeudenkäynnissä. UD reagoi. Mutta kommenttien joukossa on tällaisia helmiä:

Yep, the Darwinistas fill libraries full of papers and books. Doesn’t mean we have to read it to know that it’s all atheist, materialistic crap.

The good Dr. Behe is a better man than I. I would have smacked any lawyer that suggested that a bunch of books knew more about evolution than Dr. Behe does.

"Darwinistas" on Colbertilta lainattu termi. Eli tuo kommentoija on salakavala teeskentelijä. Eikä hän ole yksin:

Amen, brother. There are probably 10s of thousands of papers full of Darwinism published every year. And to what end? We only need a few ID papers to reverse the stifling dominance of the materialist worldview, and to replace it with a science consonant with Christian and theistic convictions.

Nyt näyttää pahasti siltä, ettei banni-nappi on rikki, tai valvoja nukkuu, tai kukaan ei enää erota satiiria vakavasta UD-kommentoijasta.

Otetaan esimerkiksi kommentoija Erasmus:

and by the way, ID predicts that AIDS will outrun any attempts to cure it since it is a curse sent upon sinful humanity. I don’t know if you have read the bible but it is abundantly clear that although G*D is just merciful and loving, he does not suffer a witch to live. and as far as I can tell the pottymouth is very likely a Wiccan.

Soluttautunut darwinisti, vai vakava pro-IDeisti?

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