Hitler & Intelligent Design - The Hidden Connection

There is an unpleasant truth that Intelligent Design advocates try to hide. The time has come to unveil that terrible fact from history. This is one of the greatest disgraces for Intelligent Design, and it is easy to understand why they have tried to confuse and obfuscate the issue.

For years IDeists have tried to place the blame on a certain scientific theory; theory of evolution. During one of his Intelligent Design lectures, Finnish professor Matti Leisola asserted that nazis couldn't have risen to power without the revolution instigated by Charles Darwin. Several other IDeists have repeated the same claim in their writings and now even in a movie.

"The philosophy that fueled German militarism and Hitlerism is taught as fact in every American public school, with no disagreement allowed."

-Phillip Johnson

There are even whole books dedicated to this subject.

But what do the facts really tell us?

- Did Hitler choose his targets randomly?

No. He had clear - specific - targets, who would become his victims. There was no dice-rolling or blindfolded escapades to choose which segments and ethnicities would be transported to the camps. These victims were targets of preconceived and designed acts.

- Were the gas chambers built with darwinian mechanisms?

No. The gas chambers were obviously designed. There is no illusion about it. The chambers were irreducibly complex systems. The gas poured into them was also a result of intelligent design. The executioners didn't pour in random material. Thus the method was also non-random. All steps point to purposeful arrangement of parts, and therefore, design. These are consepts that the theory of evolution lacks.

I could list several other facts, but these will do for now. The conclusion is clear and undeniable: Nazi atrocities were the result of Intelligent Design. It is time for the ID-community to face reality and its own dark past.


This has been a translation from one of my earlier posts on this blog. If you took it seriously, please take a long look in the mirror.

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