The Times: Skientologia ja Anonyymit protestoijat

Times Online on julkaissut artikkelin, joka esittelee koko skientologian vastaisen mielenosoituskampanjan hämmästyttävällä selkeydellä. Tai ainakin sillä selkeydellä joka avautuu yli 40 vuotiaille internetin ulkopuolisille ihmisille. Juttu on myös painetussa muodossa.

Why, though, has a bunch of young people, connected only by the internet, decided to target a US religion started 50 years ago by a science-fiction writer? Why not the Iraq War, nuclear weapons or climate change? One answer is that they believe they can achieve something with Scientology. The most realistic of Anonymous's aims is to revoke the group's tax status - it is exempt from some VAT payments and receives rebates on other taxes. But the point is moot. You might as well ask why their most popular song is Never Gonna Give You Up, a 1987 hit by Rick Astley, or why they laugh at pictures of cats. And why are most of their masks a depiction of Guy Fawkes from the film V for Vendetta? Internet memes are not always logical.

Ehdottomasti lukemisen arvoinen juttu. Ehkä kerkiän kääntämään sen suomeksi.

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