I got something to say

Time to write something in english.

A recent topic gave me the chills. Omaha mall shootings. Robert Hawkins was a young man. A history on mental problems, girlfriend dumped him and he got sacked from McJob. What a sad story. I bet there's never been a similar case in the history of mankind.

Hawkins found a way out from the anguish. What better way to do it than getting oneself an assault rifle and go kill innocent people you never met before? And then to shoot yourself. Why is it that the best idea comes the last?

But wait! You left behind a suicide note, with poetic and arcane words like "sorry for everything," with a real punchline "Now I'll be famous."

Robert Hawkins had a sense of humor. "Now I'll be famous."

No, sorry. You won't be. People will remember your name for a couple of days. Your hometown will remember you longer, but that's about it.

You remember the fourth man to set foot on the Moon? Yeah, you'll never be as popular as that guy, mr Whatshisname.

Lets face it. You were a teen with a gun, on a shooting-spree and you end it with a suicide. Like that's never been done before.

If you wanted to be famous, here are a few way-too-late tips:

Find a cure for cancer.

Develope a vaccine against AIDS.

Too difficult?

Write a groundbreaking book about a homicidal teen with mental disorder.


Anonymous said...

The only way to deal with these sickos is that media will not anymore reveal their names and faces. Just call them "19-year-old male" or something. No fame, no copycats. But since blood and gore sells, this won't happen until some psycho shooter decides to go ballistic at CNN headquarters. Maybe then media will understand their responsibility.

paahtoleipä said...

Yes, he has totally nothing special;

Holiday + shop + shooting = Totally Mundane Idiocy.